Thursday, August 1, 2013

My new chicken obessions, or why I think chickens might work as pets

So, I decided I want a few chickens as pets, pets with perks.  I have never owned chickens, so this should be interesting.  First step, convincing my sweet hubby that chickens are a great idea.  

What I want in a pet
  • quiet, especially at night
  • can be touched/petted
  • tolerent of kids
  • kids can feed it
  • has some redeeming features


  • goes to sleep at night (hens)
  • would be outside, so no inside concerns (e.g. noise at night)
  • some breeds can be quite tame and can be petted
  • not complicated to take care of
  • eats bugs in the yard
  • lays eggs
  • mildly trainable

  • possible to annoy neighbors (smell / noise)
  • have to take care of them, especially in winter
  • have to figure out what to do with poop
  • where to put them - zoning specifies 30 feet from human dwellings
  • need to preditor proof since our house backs a field and I know there are skunks around
From what I have read, chickens can be as complicated or as simple as you want to make them.

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