Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Coturnix or Japanese quail statistics and numbers

I've become interested in coturnix quail.  I've been doing a lot of research to find statistics and measurements for them.  I thought I'd put it all in one place.

Coturnix quail

Height: 8"
Can they be sexed by color: yes for certain colors (like brown)

Laying: once a day, April- September
How many quail eggs per chicken egg? About 6
How much light do they need to lay? 14 hrs
age they begin laying? 8 weeks
What is the variety called that lays blue eggs? Celadon

Best age for harvesting: 8 weeks - 8 months (younger is better)

How much room do quail  need? 1 sq ft of space per bird
Cage height: 12" or over 4 feet.  (So they don't hit their heads hard when startled.)
What do they eat? Insects, seeds, plants
What should I feed them? Turkey or Game bird starter.  25% protein
Nesting box size: 8"x8"
Dust bath size: shoe box or large dog bowl or cake pan size

Age of eggs to set: less than 7 days
Age of hen the egg came from: 10 weeks - 8 months
Age of cock: less than a year
Time to hatch: 19 days
Temperature in incubator: 99.5 degrees