Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Considering bantam breeds

Its been two weeks since I thought I might want chickens.  I originally wanted two full seized chickens and a silkie, but now I'm rethinking that.  I mostly want chickens as pets.  The eggs are nice, but I'm more interested in them eating bugs and weeds and possibly getting some free fertilizer.  I've read some things about how many greens chickens can eat, which translates as lawn and garden damage.  However, the bantams, because they are smaller, don't do as much damage and poop less.  I would also be able to get away with a smaller coop and a smaller run, a great thing since my husband isn't sold on chickens.

I'm limited to breeds either available locally or from mypetchicken, since I only need three and I can only have hens.  

Here are my choices:

Bantam easter egger

Bantam barred Plymouth rock

The last two are cold hardy, so hopefully they will keep the silkie warm.

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