Thursday, June 5, 2014

horizontal chicken nipples - best thing so far

When I went to IFA to get my "replacement" chick (she was to replace a chick that didn't die), I also picked up a chick water with a horizontal nipple.  It was $8, which I thought was a little steep, but I was sick of the chicks throwing their bedding and poop in the regular chick waterer.  This one was completely enclosed, so no bedding, no problems.

The nipple works by the chicken pushing aside the metal button and water drips out into a little catcher.  I had seen the vertical nipples, but I didn't want to have to hang the wateter.

The waterer said to wait until the chicks were 8 days old, so I did.  Then I put it in.  The chicks would have nothing to do with it.  I was worried they would die of dehydration (don't know if this was a valid concern or not), so in the morning and at night, I would put their old waterer back in so they could get a short drink.  Finally, I took one of the chicks, pushed the button and dipped its beak in the water.  After that, they seemed to catch on.  (I also stopped giving them their old waterer. )  I was super happy because now I didn't have to worry about them tipping the waterer over while I was gone and the water stayed nice and clean.

Once my chicks moved out to the coop, I wanted a bigger version of the waterer.   IFA had one, but it was $24.  Ouch.  Instead, I bought five of the nipples on ebay for $12, got a used 3 gallon icing bucket from a bakery ($1), and my husband drilled a few 3/8"  holes.  Now I have a big waterer for their run.  Tomorrow, in it goes.

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