Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chicken tips

  1. Chicken math is real.  I made my coop small because I only wanted 3 hens.  I also wanted to reduce the footprint in our yard, so my husband wouldn't think the chickens were taking up too much room.  I ended up with 5 chickens.  If they all turn out to be hens, I'll have to rehome some.  
  2. Build more room than you need in your run and coop.  (See #1)
  3. Horizontal nipple waterers are the way to go.  They don't leak.  They help keep the water nice and clean.
  4. When building your coop, aviation snips and a miter saw come in very handy.
  5. Place "rungs" on a ramp about 4" apart, especially if you have young bantams.
  6. more to come...

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