Sunday, August 23, 2015

More hatching...and chicken math

I have shipped silkie and frizzle eggs under a bantam cochin broody set to hatch August 28.  

This is actually a convoluted story involving chicken math.  I thought my cochin and my silkie were going broody at the same time.  I wanted to see if the cochin is a good broody because my silkie's only redeeming characteristic is her maternal instinct.  If the cochin was just as good, I could rehome the silkie and get a more congenial hen.  So I thought, I'll give the cochin some eggs and have the silkie as back up.  

I couldn't find any local eggs, so I ordered some from papa's poultry.  As soon as I ordered eggs and moved the cochin out of the coop, of course the silkie decided she wasn't broody anymore.  I put the shipped eggs under the cochin, but got nervous, "what if she quits on day 16 or something", so I bought a hovabator incubator.  

Then a week later, a fellow BYCer offered me some different silkie and frizzle eggs.  "What good is an empty incubator? I have to make sure it works,"  I thought, so I put some of those eggs in the incubator with two left over which I kept around.  Three days after the incubator eggs started, my silkie went broody, so I put the last eggs under her.  

I started with 9 shipped eggs under the cochin, 2 shipped eggs (a week old by this time) and 10 local eggs in the bator, and 2 eggs under the silkie. 

After candling, I have 6 shipped eggs under the cochin, 6 local eggs in the incubator, and 2 eggs under the silkie.  I have my fingers crossed that I will end up with a few chicks.

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